Songs That Should Have Won – The UK

Have you ever watched a national selection and been convinced that the public and expert judges have got it all wrong!? In this series, we have a look at the songs that should have won their respective national selections but for various reasons were beaten and never got to represent

Swinging to the Right

So...the last two weeks have given us all time to reflect on the result of one of the most interesting presidential elections in living memory. While many media commentators claimed Donald Trump's victory was a massive shock, swathes of US citizens were not at all surprised by the outcome. Much like

Why European Politics is NOT Ruining Eurovision!

On a vodka fuelled week in Lanzarote in May 2016 I started thinking about my first contribution to . I had agreed to contribute my views after visiting Stockholm for the Eurovision Song Contest Final earlier in the year. The creation of a new website and interactive forum for