Single Review: Justs – Ko tu dari?

Latvia’s Justs entered Eurovision this year with a song penned by their 2015 entrant Aminata. While Aminata broke Eurovision convention with her compelling minimalist sound, the song she wrote for Justs was more directly Eurovision audience targeted and saw Justs become an early favourite in the competition. After delivering an emotional rendition of the song in the semi-final round, Justs solidified his place in the hearts of the Eurovision fans. While he may not have soared to victory, his stripped back performance in the finals showcased a young talent who performs with passion and is capable of lifting a song that is perfection produced to a really hit the listener at their very core.

To capitalise on his Eurovision success, Justs has wasted no time in releasing his follow-up to Heartbeat. The former Tax Free lead vocalist showcases his own songwriting capabilities on the Dominiks Jarmakovičs co-write Ko tu dari?, which translates simply as What are you doing?

First showcased on his pre-Eurovision To Be Heard EP, Ko du dari? is in a similar vein to Heartbeat. Relying on the soulful undertone of Justs’ distinctive vocal, it is pop delivered with heart. The summer breeze of the determined chorus is a simple earworm that will have your shoulders swaying effortlessly, while the real strength of the song lies in the unexpected anthemic build in the latter third of the song.

Ko tu dari? is a strong step in the right direction for Justs.

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