Our Official Song Rankings for Eurovision 2017

Us guys over at helloeurope.eu have been listening to a lot of Eurovision lately. In fact, we’ve listened to all 43 of the official entries into the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Each member of the team ranked the songs from 1 to 43 (with number 1 being for our favourite) and then combined scores with each other to create an official group ranking based on the total number of “points”.

Some of the songs proved very polarising, and there were plenty of entries that one member loved but another member hated. Disagreements aside, the figures can’t lie! Although the list doesn’t completely reflect any of our personal rankings, this list does give us a better idea of who we will be backing as a group when we travel to Kiev. Check out the YouTube link below:

As you can imagine, some people will be happier than others. For those who are interested, our personal top 3 and bottom 3 are below. :

David – TOP 3: Montenegro, Greece, Israel – BOTTOM 3: Lithuania, San Marino, Portugal

Stephanie – TOP 3: Montenegro, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Sweden – BOTTOM 3: Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland

Phil – TOP 3: Iceland, Sweden, Estonia – BOTTOM 3: Poland, Russia, Ukraine

Chris – TOP 3: Israel, Switzerland, Montenegro – BOTTOM 3: Portugal, Ukraine, Russia

Rob – TOP 3: Israel, Montenegro, Sweden – BOTTOM 3: Albania, Portugal, Russia


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