Five Things To Do Whilst You Wallow In Your Post-Eurovision Blues!

I bloody love Eurovision. It’s been a month since The Eurovision Song Contest graced the beautiful city of Stockholm and rather predictably my usual post-Eurovision depression has become well and truly entrenched.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll currently be noticing the painful lull in Eurovision related things that have for the last 6 months kept you entertained. In the Eurovision off-season I often find myself scouring the internet for something, anything, Eurovision related that’ll make me smile or help me to re-live a little bit of this year’s Eurovision experience.

Here’s a little list of the top 5 things to do whilst you wallow in your post-Eurovision blues.

1. Overthinking it! – If you don’t already know about this YouTube channel and accompanying website then like me (until recently), you’ve been missing out. I came across Matthew Wrather’s ‘Overthinking Eurovision 2016’ YouTube videos completely by accident and my research (google searching all the way!) suggests Overthinking Eurovision has been around for a good few years. The videos are actually amazing. The presenter has an intelligent yet tongue-in-cheek discussion about a number of competing Eurovision songs. As the tagline used in the videos suggest, this guy is indeed ‘subjecting the world’s greatest singing contest to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve’. This said, the videos are pretty compulsive viewing. Why don’t you check out my favourite video about this year’s French entry J’ai Cherché by Amir.


2. Eurovision Spotify Playlist – Why not listen to some of the finest songs from the Eurovisions of yore on this amazing Spotify playlist? It provides a plethora of varied music and some of the best songs from past Eurovision artists. You might not recognise all the songs but the music comes from the likes of Eric Saade, Robin Stjernberg, Conchita Wurst, Aminata, Ruslana and Lena. The eclectic mix of musical styles and Europop will keep you interested and, most probably, listening for hours.

3. Do some online (Eurovision) shopping – When I’m in a bad mood or feeling a little down, there’s nothing better than spending some of my hard-earned cash! And here’s a collection of my favourite Eurovision-related treats that I have spied on my many Conchita pillowsearches around the world wide web.

* Conchita Wurst Pillow! – Argh! If you don’t just love Conchita Wurst then you can’t really call yourself a Eurovision fan. It’s just a fact. And the same is true if you don’t also love pop-art designs on floor pillows. Put the two together and you get the most wonderfully camp, kitsch addition to the living room of any self-respecting Eurovision fan. I’ll have two please! (pic. right)

* Amir T-shirt AmirTshirtpic– With all the sexy guys at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, it’s easy for Amir from France to fade into the background. But I chuffin’ love this guy. He is the embodiment of everything that Eurovision represents and his beautiful, catchy soMinipopicon2016ng J’ai Cherché would have been a deserved winner. I want his face on my body! Get me that t-shirt now!! (pic. left)

* Mini Pop Framed Artwork – If you’ve got a favourite Eurovision entry, why not get yourself a Minipopicons version of the act as a piece of artwork. If you can’t decide on a favourite, the artist does a design with all the acts on one poster (pic. right)! Like all Redbubble sites you can also have the images printed on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and probably your own dirty underwear, if you want (note: this is almost certainly a lie!) I think these designs are genius creations!

4. Free ESC Insight 2016 Guide Book – If you’re really bored and want to read interesting facts about the countries and artists that participated in The Eurovision Song Contest 2016, this free (did I say it was free!?) downloadable guide book takes you to Eurovision-geek heaven! There are some fabulous reviews of the Eurovision entries for this year! Immerse yourself in the Eurovision that is no more.

5. Watch some Eurovision based YouTube Videos – Let’s face it, YouTube is one of the greatest inventions in the world and the creativity of people who put videos on there never ceases to astound me.

* This video of American YouTubers reacting to the Eurovision Song Contest is absolutely fantastic. Who doesn’t love an American YouTube blogger? I don’t. But I liked this video anyway. It highlights, to me, the growing global awareness of The Eurovision Song Contest. Although, let’s face it, these guys, being You-tubers, are some of the most outward facing, globalised Americans and they’ve only just discovered Eurovision. Only 61 years late, guys! I’d imagine, then, that it might be a few more years before the average American catches on and it becomes a national pastime!


* Eurovision Medleys – Whatever happened to medleys? I think they died a death in the early 2000s but somehow the Eurovision ones I’ve seen on You-tube recently have captured my imagination. There’s something completely sweet and almost naïve about the performances while being a great way to showcase talent! I love the video medleys by Juan Foreigner and Jennifer Lidén. But I’m sure there’s many more you can spend hours and hours watching.



* Why not re-watch, arguably, the best grand final interval act since Riverdance in Dublin, 1994. Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede perform the parody song, Love, Love, Peace, Peace – How to create the perfect Eurovision Song which epitomises everything good about Eurovision. It’s catchy, camp and completely whimsical. I think it’s great that the producers of Eurovision are able to take the piss in the most Eurovision way possible – with a song. If this had been an actual entry, it would’ve stormed to victory!


So, there you go. A few ideas of what you can do to entertain yourself until countries start their selection processes in six months!

If these ideas fail to tickle your fancy you can always pretend it’s still May, that the excitement isn’t all over and the feeling of melancholy in your soul is just a month long hangover brought on by the booze you’ve been drinking to alleviate the tediousness of life without Eurovision, and re-watch the whole show again!!  Or why not try to get a life…The Eurovision Song Contest is one week out of 52, why are you still thinking about it? And more importantly, why are you still here?

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