Favourite Eurovision Moments of All Time – Part 4

There had been a lot of talk amongst us here at helloeurope.eu about our favourite moments of all time, and it finally fell upon me to write about my own personal favourite. I class myself as quite an avid Eurovision fan, so I felt that this was a near-impossible task. There are so many fantastic things to have happened since the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, so it was difficult to narrow it down to just one ‘moment’ – but I think I have just about managed it. Buckle yourselves in, and prepare to relive my favourite Eurovision moment with me!

“How Can I Pick Just One?”

I can’t say I’ve had the benefit of seeing every single Contest, as I only really started watching in 2001. A friend asked if I’d like to come to his house and watch it with him as no-one else in his family was interested, and ever since then I’ve not looked back! Having watched Eurovision at home with friends, or after attending Europe-themed parties, I always found myself saying the same thing: “I wish I could actually go to Eurovision in person”. It was 2014 and Conchita Wurst had just bagged an undeniable win for Austria. I’d never been to Austria before, so in order to combine my love of city breaks with my love of Eurovision I began to look into how I go about attending the Eurovision Song Contest. All it took was a quick search on Google and it proved to be surprisingly easy! My friends got on board, I secured tickets, booked accommodation, picked our flights, and off we went!

“My Favourite Moment of All Time”

Seeing Eurovision live in Austria was the first time I felt completely and utterly immersed into the whole experience. It was completely different to seeing all taking place on a TV screen – I was there! I was in the actual audience seeing it all first-hand. The acoustics of the arena and the atmosphere generated by the crowds enhanced each and every song to another level. The point at which that really hit me was when Il Volo performed Grande Amore on stage. Their performance was awe-inspiring; one that gave me goosebumps. Maybe it was the music, or maybe it was the excitement. It was a year of some truly epic performances (Sweden and Russia notably so) but this Italian entry was the turning point for me that took my love of Eurovision to the height it is today.


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