Eurovision: You Decided! UK Selection 2018

The UK has Spoken

Last night saw the return of Eurovision: You Decide on BBC2 – the fact it was not on BBC1 highlighting just how seriously the UK takes the show. Unlike other national selection shows which are prolonged affairs, the United Kingdom whittles 100s of possible entries down to just 6 contenders in a show that lasts an hour and a half. Once again, Mel Giedroyc proved to be a safe pair of presenting hands while Måns Zelmerlöw proved competent, engaging and an all round entertainer. If you missed the show (shame on you!) and don’t want to know the result stop reading immediately! For those sane people who did watch – as you were!


Polished Performance

As any self respecting Eurovision fan is aware, SuRie was the eventual and deserved winner of the show. The apparent Eurythmics tribute act blasted out a positive and uplifting pop tune “Storm”. From it’s intimate outset the song builds to a catchy, upbeat chorus that even the weakest of English speakers could master in a matter of minutes. Although not the favourite going into the show, SuRie really rocked on stage and was by far the highlight of the evening. Her experience showed in her polished performance which was difficult to fault and her vocals were flawless, unlike many of her competitors.




There was lots of buzz on social media about Asanda and her song “Legends”. The studio version that many fans listened to before the show had much promise but this did not translate onto the stage. Asanda unfortunately had a bad night, her vocals were simply not good enough. She appeared to have difficulty maintaining her voice while engaging in excessively vigorous dance moves, her weave kept getting in her mouth and nobody had a clue what she was singing about – diction darling!!

The other songs in the competition were mediocre at best and most of the performances were lacklustre. Credit to Jaz Ellington’s amazing voice but the overwhelmingly pedestrian ballad was no match for SuRie.

Deserved Winner

This is the first time in a long time that I have actually loved the UK entry. Hopefully Europe will love it too! Go SuRie and bring on Lisbon!


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