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At we love Eurovision. We really love Eurovision! There’s always a debate to be had. In this section we discuss the world of Eurovision – from our favourite Eurovision moments to deliberations about the national selections. Here you’ll find a range of articles and opinion pieces for your perusal and enjoyment that will keep you entertained throughout the Eurovision period and beyond.

Laughter is Good Medicine – A Look at British Humour with Eurovision

Is humour in Eurovision becoming too out-dated and non-P.C for the modern audience? A look at why seeing-the-funny-side can be just as important to our Eurovision culture as the songs.



Eurovision: You Decided! UK selection 2018.

So, we all watched the UK’s national selection on 7th February 2018. Here are our thoughts. What did you think?



Eurovision Ticket Scam?

Did you get Eurovision tickets this year? I didn’t! Here’s my musings on the Secondary Ticketing Market, how it fails real Eurovision fans and what the EBU should do to remedy the issue!



Our Favourite Eurovision Moments 

A selection of articles from our resident contributors discussing those Eurovision moments that have cemented their place in our minds, and our hearts. Why not delve into our contributors psyche with these wonderfully insightful (if slightly worrying) articles.

Part 1: Enjoy the musings of Dave as he takes us on a literary tour of his Favourite Eurovision Moment. His choice might surprise you!




Part 2: Steph enlightens us with her own Favourite Eurovision Moment in her own unique and quirky style. Choreography pre-Brian Friedman!



Part 3: Chris tells us his favourite Eurovision Moments. I’m sure we can all agree Eurovision is so good, choosing just one moment is nigh impossible.


Part 4: Phil tells us his favourite Eurovision moment of all time. Wait for it, (no literally, you’ll have to wait) it’s a classic!



Part 5: The final instalment of our favourite Eurovision moments of all time. Rob remembers a masterclass in creating a Eurovision winner!

Songs That Should Have Won 2017

We have avidly watched those selection shows from around Europe this year for those stand out performances and songs that were wrongly pipped at the post and failed to qualify



Eurovision You Decide: Results

Analysis of the results of the UK selection show 2017




Eurovision You Decide: Potential Representatives

An in-depth look at the artists and songs hoping to represent UK at this years Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv 2017.



Top 5 Ukrainian Songs

Written after Ukraine stormed to victory in Stockholm 2016, here is a list of the top 5 best Ukrainain songs from Eurovision’s past by our resident contributor David Baker



Top 5 Underrated Songs of 2016

We all love a list right? Here’s the top 5 songs that didn’t receive the credit they deserved in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Austria.



Five Things To Do In Your Post-Eurovision Blues

What are we going to do now Eurovision 2016 is over? Here’s a few ideas for those who have a Eurovision Song Contest sized hole left in their life.



Why Politics Is Not Ruining Eurovision

Some people say that politics should not be part of Eurovision. This article begs to differ.