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Part 1: Macchina di Santa Rosa

Steph starts her journey by experiencing the celebration of The Transportation of Macchina di Santa Rosa, a UNESCO-recognised event which takes place in Viberto every year.


Part 2: “Double Pizza”

Steph treats us to a double helping of Italy’s most famous dish in the second part of the series. But this is no ordinary Pizza! Enjoy.


Part 3: Spas and Termes

Steph takes a trip to the naturally occuring springs for some well deserved pampering and relaxation – all reasonably priced of course!



Part 4: The Etruscans

Steph indulges in some ancient history in this most recent addition to the series. Explorers and adventurers, this one is for you!


 Part 5: Monte Palanzana

In this final instalment, Steph scales the dizzying heights of Monte Palanzana for a stunning view over Viterbo.