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Robert Baker

Eurovision, for me, has always been a fun, family-friendly show – with just a sprinkling of camp.

I love the ethos of bringing Europe together with music. Having the opportunity to experience a slither of the different cultures and, sometimes, questionable music tastes around Europe, every year, is amazing.

I love going to Eurovision for so many reasons; the atmosphere, the performances, the excitement. In today’s hectic society, with all our busy jobs, it’s often difficult to find time to spend with family and friends. Eurovision is an excuse to force myself to set aside a week of my life to visit different countries in Europe with my like-minded Eurovision buddies. It’s always a totally amazing atmosphere in the host city. The Europeans seem to love the contest and really get into it!

Favourite Eurovision song: Diva by Dana International, Israel 1998

Stephanie Bognar

My growing lovStepahnieBognarProfilePice for Eurovision is intrinsically linked with my lifelong passion for travel. I call it a growing love because as each Eurovision year passes I find myself more and more engrossed with its acts, its reception and recognition, its controversiality, and its increasingly significant statement for unity and political voice. With Eurovision being broadcast in more countries and continents than ever before there is no denying that its popularity is on the rise.

I always remember Eurovision being on in the background at my parents’ house, the music blaring out of the old boxy television while I procrastinated with the day’s homework. My first recollection of ever acknowledging an act was when Katrina and the Waves took the 1997 Eurovision by storm with ‘Love Shine a Light’. Since then my attention over the years waxed and waned until I found like-minded friends who re-awakened the Eurovisionary inside me. I’m still long-awaiting another UK win!

As far as travel is concerned, it is something which has been a part of my being for as long as I can remember. Being a starry-eyed dreamer of adventure and far-away lands as a child it came as no surprise that my occupation and zeal lead me to travel to various parts of the world as an adult. Travelling on a budget was something that came as a necessity as I often never had a vast amount of cash, but my need for adventure was fit to bursting. So much so that with nothing but a few notes of currency, a sturdy pair of boots, and a back-pack filled with cereal bars I’ve managed, quite satisfactorily, to traverse some of the more expensive, as well as some of the most beautiful, places of Europe and beyond, something for which I feel very fortunate.

Favourite Eurovision song of all time (so far); Dancing Lasha Tumbai by Verka Serduchka, Ukraine 2007

Phil Young

I have loved the Eurovision Song Conprofile (1)test for as long as I can remember. For me, it’s not something I forget about until it’s on TV. I’m genuinely interested in the music and actively look out for new songs as they are released! I try to make sure I listen to as many heat entries from each national selection process as possible, and get excited when I find out that my favourites make it through to the televised semi-finals.

Europe takes the contest seriously, and each competing nation strives to best represent their country and do so with pride. Long-gone are the joke entries as many countries endeavour to select a song that actually has a strong chance of winning. Sure, I’m still there for the dramatic power-ballads, key changes, costume changes, and titter at the occasional non-sensical English lyrics. But there is so much more to Eurovision than that. I love the atmosphere of being in the arena, surrounded by people with the same passion that I have. I love the effort the host country goes through to make each year more memorable than the last. And most importantly, I love the feeling you get when you find the song you connect with, support and cheer for, and want so desparately to win.
Favourite Eurovision song: Dancing In The Rain by Ruth Lorenzo, Spain 2014

David BakerDavebeforecrop

I have been an avid Eurovision fan since childhood but it’s only relatively recently that I have taken a much greater interest in the event. Eurovision was originally created to bring a divided continent together but today it is so much more than that. It is a platform that gives a voice to all countries of Europe and showcases their greatest talents. It continues to bring countries together and stretches its influence beyond European borders to countries as far away as Australia.

I’ve always loved how much fun Europeans have with Eurovision. It’s not something to be merely laughed at but a true competition. I appreciate its message of unification, and can’t help but love the hint of camp, glitzy, sequined, pyrotechnical, choreographed genius that we get to witness annually!

I’ve always loved experiencing different cultures and going to watch Eurovision has given me the opportunity to see cities that I would never have thought of visiting. It gives an extra special element to seeing each city and the locals seem to enjoy the influx of fun-loving Eurovision fans which is guaranteed to make it a trip to remember.

Favourite Eurovision song: Drama Queen by DQ, Denmark 2007


Chris Carson


For me, Eurovision has always been a time to get together with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company and some amazing/less amazing music. In a way it’s like a big gay Christmas.  Of course coming from Ireland, which just happen to be Eurovision’s most successful country both in terms of wins and interval acts (and yes Riverdance really was THAT amazing), Eurovision is like a sacred cow. It is something I have watched religiously for as long as I can remember.

I have so many fond memories of Eurovision ranging from everything Terry Wogan ever said, to dressing in drag for a Eurovision themed party, and in recent years, actually getting to go to the contest. Eurovision is more than an annual one night stand with the rest of Europe, it is a powerful message of inclusion and unity which reaches all corners of the world. It is an example of how people can come together and celebrate what we all love and not what we all hate.

Favourite Eurovision Song: Love Shine a Light by Katrina and the Waves, UK 1997