January Travel Inspiration – Tel Aviv, Isreal

January Blues Thank the Eurovision Gods that January is OVER! After surviving debilitating New Years’ hangovers (which get worse every year if you’re anything like me!) and being forced, under duress, back to work. Having had no experience of daylight for the last 4 weeks (going to work in the dark

Kiev Calling!

As we close the books on another Eurovision finale with Portugal taking home their first ever trophy, we at HelloEurope.eu reflect on our few days in the Ukrainian capital and all it has to offer. Despite initial organisational problems, the ‘Eurovisual’ atmosphere in Kiev was celebratory. You couldn’t turn a corner

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 5 Monte Palanzana

Scaling Heights From solemn depths to dizzying heights Viterbo’s ascending scale of adventurous exploration takes you up to the top of Monte Palanzana who’s vantage point allows you to behold Lazio’s own stunning vista as far as the eye can see. Several hours of sunny daylight and a mild breeze are perfect

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 4 The Etruscans

The Etruscan Mystery Corresponding to an area over Tuscany, Western Umbria, and Northern Lazio the Etruscan people – referred to by the Romans as Tusci or Etrusci – pre-dated the Roman civilization for hundreds of years until the Roman Republic overtook their culture in 4th Century BC during the Roman-Etruscan Wars. Much of its culture

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 3 Spas and Termes

Dante’s Infernal Springs “Now follow me, and be careful not to place your feet yet on the burning sand, but always keep back close to the wood.’ We came, in silence, to the place, where a little stream gushes from the wood, the redness of which still makes me shudder. Like the rivulet

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 2 “Double-Pizza”

The Famed “Double-Pizza” A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of pasta or a slice of pizza, and to coin a cliché I often frequented many local restaurants in search of delicious Italian cuisine. Rare is the inedible dish! Viterbo hosts the famed Double-Pizza restaurants. When you’re not watching a

The Great Culinary Quest; Part 3

After welcoming in 2017 with some mulled wine and a song and waving goodbye to the turbulence that was 2016 you now frantically hit the gym to shed off that unwanted festive frump. January is the ‘reset’ to a new year where one (namely, me) begins with good intentions and

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 1 Macchina di Santa Rosa

The historic city of Viterbo is one of Italy’s lesser-known gems. A gruelling two-hour train ride out of Rome takes you to this stunning city and all its glory. Its papal history and patriotic celebrations are truly something to behold, such as the Transportation of The Macchina di Santa Rosa

The Great Culinary Quest; Part 2

'In love, as in gluttony, pleasure is a matter of the utmost precision.' (Italo Calvino) Never were truer words spoken in history with regards to my relationship with food. Although, what I lack in precision I make up for in permissiveness. With a few more countries crossed off the bucket list my culinary

The Great Culinary Quest; Part 1

One of the joys of travelling, in my opinion, is the opportunity to try new things. Food is one of them. Being an avid fan of the stuff since I was born, and fortunately raised in a dual-nationality household, I was taught to A). Eat a wide range of traditional

Stockholm Calling!

Almost a month after Ukraine swept away the public vote for Eurovision 2016 and Stockholm has regained its composure to being the prosperous Nordic city of the north. Banners taken down and ABBA packed away for another year, Stockholm’s breath-taking ochre buildings of the Gamla Stan are once again the centre