Songs That Should Have Won – Spain

I love to watch the national selection shows and this year I've watched more than I probably should have! But sometimes I just think that the winning song isn't the best. Looking to Twitter, my opinions are (sometimes) clearly justified. Please see previous articles in this series discussing the choices

Songs That Should Have Won – The UK

Have you ever watched a national selection and been convinced that the public and expert judges have got it all wrong!? In this series, we have a look at the songs that should have won their respective national selections but for various reasons were beaten and never got to represent

Songs That Should Have Won – Finland

The national finals are a good opportunity to showcase the musical talent of a country and with the combined votes from the public and some industry experts,  the shows often culminate in the selection of the best song. But sometimes, just sometimes, the show results in a dubious winner. This

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 5 Monte Palanzana

Scaling Heights From solemn depths to dizzying heights Viterbo’s ascending scale of adventurous exploration takes you up to the top of Monte Palanzana who’s vantage point allows you to behold Lazio’s own stunning vista as far as the eye can see. Several hours of sunny daylight and a mild breeze are perfect

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 4 The Etruscans

The Etruscan Mystery Corresponding to an area over Tuscany, Western Umbria, and Northern Lazio the Etruscan people – referred to by the Romans as Tusci or Etrusci – pre-dated the Roman civilization for hundreds of years until the Roman Republic overtook their culture in 4th Century BC during the Roman-Etruscan Wars. Much of its culture

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 3 Spas and Termes

Dante’s Infernal Springs “Now follow me, and be careful not to place your feet yet on the burning sand, but always keep back close to the wood.’ We came, in silence, to the place, where a little stream gushes from the wood, the redness of which still makes me shudder. Like the rivulet

Lazio’s Hidden Treasures of Italy in Viterbo: No. 2 “Double-Pizza”

The Famed “Double-Pizza” A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of pasta or a slice of pizza, and to coin a cliché I often frequented many local restaurants in search of delicious Italian cuisine. Rare is the inedible dish! Viterbo hosts the famed Double-Pizza restaurants. When you’re not watching a

Favourite Eurovision Moments of All Time – Part 2

To pinpoint my favourite Eurovision moments of all time is quite a challenge. There is so much to choose from in the whole spectrum of ESC performances. Ranging from phenomenal to dire entries. We all enjoy the novelty acts of Eurovisions past, which mostly came from Eastern Europe. The enjoyment was

Favourite Eurovision Moments of All Time – Part 1

So, 2016 in my opinion, was a bit of a write-off. What with Brexit, all those celebrity deaths and now Trump as the leader of the free world. It’s been a real downer and I’m glad to see the back of it! To cheer myself up, I started thinking about